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Perfect Harmony

While adopting innovative and creative solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers as the basic principle of flexible production understanding, with our own know-how licenses and technologies, according to ADR-EN 13094 legislation, geographical region to be served by the climate and road conditions, carbon steel and alloyed aluminium materials, in accordance with design calculations, cylindrical section, large volume range, filling up from the top and bottom, appropriate to the LGBF tank code and hierarchy, can carry up from one to five partition of the dangerous substances in ADR Class-3, Truck-mounted Cylindrical Tanker capable of evacuation to the flow and discharged; perfect fit with the truck manufacturer's superstructure instructions and truck chassis in different configurations.

2.500 ~ 27.500 Lt.

Volume Range

1 ~5

Number of Compartments

-20 ~ +50 °C

Design Temperature

0,5 Bar

Design Pressure


Tank Code

Strong Image

Add a solid image to its users with its experience from past to present, trustworthy certification processes and gained profit.

Modular Volume

Offer modular solutions for the trucks’ frame in different configurations with its alternative designs in wide range volume.

Difference Is Its Style

It creates a difference in style according to its own position and visual aesthetic.

Performance Needs Source

Durable body structure together with superior production technology and premium equipment turns the long lifetime into profit.


Two sides and automatic opening handrail
Provides ease of use, safety and automatically locks the brake system.
Built-in type manhole covers
Protect armatures against possible rollover and impact.
Protective cover
The equipment on the manhole cover is protected against seasonal weather conditions (rain, snow, sun, dust)
Outputs opened by deep drawing method
At the bottom of the tank, it provides full discharge of the product.
Armature discharge box’s cover (Bus type)
Provides mobility and ergonomic handling even in the narrow area
ADR Certificated Type Approved Body by TSE / Turkey
Provides full and secure supervision by national and international up-to-date legislative compliance and expert team.
The longest welding seam technology in weld joints
Safe, smooth surface and unique body structure.
Jointless and one-piece plates in the body structure
The least number of (T) joints provide high strength and long life.
Seamless high performance robotic welding technology
Minimizes welding faults on the body due to tension and human factors, prevents product mix between compartments and secures against impact
Homogeneous paint application with advanced technical equipment
Provides surface gloss in varnish quality.
OMEGA mounting slots and tension relief cavities on the chassis
Perfect fit between body and chassis under all kinds of road conditions, increase strength, reduce tension by distributing coming to the body force.
Use of robotic welding technology in OMEGA® monoblock connection saddles
Increases body strength at chassis joints, reduces tension effect, provides unity of body.


Width : max. 2.550 mm.
Height : max. 3.500 mm. *
Dead Weight : 1.700 ~ 3.500 kg. *
Geometrical Volume : 6.000 ~ 26.000 l. *
Number Of Compartment : 1 ~ 5 *
Tank Code : LGBF
Tank Class : Class 3
Construction Material Serial : Aluminum Alloy or Carbon steel*
Transported Materials : Gasoline, Diesel, Jet A-1
Operating Temperature : -20 ˚C +50 ˚C
Certification : ADR - Turkey TSE / Germany KBA (Tuv)

* The product type and optional equipment can vary depending on your choice.

Tank Body
  • Cylindrical cross section design conforms to EN 13094 standard,
  • Dished heads at the front and rear, in accordance with EN 13094 design standard internal baffles fit the selected number of compartments,
  • Unique body structure in the tanker manufacturing sector with a smooth surface, with a minimum number of (T) joints, produced by the longest welding seam technology in the cylindrical structure, seamless, integral plates and their welded joints,
  • Using seamless high-performance robotic welding technology, welding faults on the body due to tension and human factors are minimized and secured against impact,
  • Tanks and connections are tested with the method of analysis of the end elements under maximum allowable load to increase the strength of the body and reduce the tension effect at the frame junctions. The robotic welding technology is applied to the OMEGA monoblock connection saddles,
  • The slope in the chassis design allows complete discharge of each compartment of the tank, with no liquid remaining,
  • Air gap safety against expansion and overflow conforms to EN 15120 standard,
Loading/Discharge Line:
  • Loading Line:
    • Depending on the driving direction, it is filled through the right-handed couplings from the bottom or the filler opening on the manhole covers from the top,
  • Discharge Line:
    • Meets EN 13094, on the right side according to the driving direction, gravity discharge through the discharge piping line extending from the bottom valves up to the couplings, at such a slope in order not to remain any liquid in the line after discharge,
    • ISO 3834 Welded production quality qualification approved discharge pipes welded to the patent padded.
  • Suitable for body design, rollover safety special design subframe made of steel material that can be adapted to bolt connection according to the manufacturer's superstructure installation instructions for all types of truck chassis,
  • OMEGA® monoblock connection saddles provide a rigid structure with excellent fit to the chassis mounting slots and increase strength,
  • The spring connections used in the front subframe connections of the tank reduce the tension by distributing the force coming to the body from the road conditions,
  • Chassis construction parts are manufactured in perfect harmony with synergic welding machines by certified welders under the approval of ISO 3834 Welded manufacturing quality qualification,
Chassis Equipment:
Mudguard : : Semi-circle rigid plastic fender mounted on each wheel with aluminium clamp
Mudflaps. : Conform 109/2011/EU directive type approved anti-spray mudflaps
Lateral Protection: : Conforms ECE R73 regulation protection equipment (lateral protection etc.)
  • At least 2 coats of epoxy primer
  • "OVEN-DRYING" application on topcoat with 2 coats of acrylic paint,
  • Improved technical equipment ensures homogeneous distribution on each side of the body and surface gloss of varnish paint gloss

OKT TRAILER reserves the right to make changes in the products. Technical information is approximate and is intended for standard product application. The measurements may vary depending on the truck brand and model. The above information is not quoted. If you contact us, you can get more detailed information about the product.