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We focus to danger you focus to your Business

OKT Trailer manufactures customized transportation solutions for customers who prioritize vehicle, driver and road safety in filling, transporting and discharging operations with precise engineering solutions and advanced welding technologies that require high security standards and maximum safety precautions for LPG bulk gas transportation sector.

We design our LPG Tankers in cylindrical and gooseneck sections which are suitable for transporting all UN-Coded LPG substances in ADR Class-2 in the carriage of dangerous goods, to calculate the different pressures and temperatures and to comply with the legislation of ADR, EN 12493, 2010/35 / EC (TPED), AD 2000 Markblatter and the geographical region, climate and road conditions to be served with pressure vessel steel quality and thickness determined according to the technical requirements of our customers.

The tankers we specially designed and produced for the LPG sector; it offers trouble-free operations that you can focus entirely on your business with long life, durable body structure, safe equipment that does not compromise from safety, certification and after sales service.