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Mission: Danger

We produce LPG Tanker Semi Trailer in cylindrical and gooseneck cross sections suitable for transportation of all UN-Codes LPG substances in accordance with ADR Class-2, gravity and pump-driven discharge with pressure vessel steel quality and thickness determined according to different pressure and temperature calculations as well as to our customers' technical requirements in accordance to ADR, EN 12493, 2010/35 / EC (TPED), AD 2000 Markblatter regulations and geographical region, climate and road conditions it serves, being aware that "Mission: Danger".

45 ~ 60 m³

Volume Range

-40 ~ +50 °C

Design Temperature

18 ~ 21 Bar

Design Pressure

8 – 12 mm.

Material Thickness


Tank Code

Precision Engineering

Required design and pressure calculations for filling, transporting and discharging operations of liquid petroleum gases are developed with precision engineering solutions.

Modular Options

Options of special designed alternative volume, discharge systems and equipment; sort out your job.

Unique Style

Create a difference in style against compeers with its own position, visual aesthetic and unique style.

Safe Lightness

We do not underestimate the weight! Carry out the dynamic loads under the high pressure at high volume under the heavy duty conditions with safe weight optimization and without compromising of the ergonomic driving.

Performance Needs Source

We do not underestimate the weight! Carry out the dynamic loads under the high pressure at high volume under the heavy duty conditions with safe weight optimization and without compromising of the ergonomic driving.


Sun Shield
Provides protection at high temperatures and reduces the pressure inside the body
ADR Type Approved Body
Provides full and secure inspection by the expert team in national and international current legislation compliance.
Aluminum Armature Discharge Box’s Cover
Light, without creating a risk of sparks, provides mobility and ergonomic handling even in the narrow area
) Seamless High Performance Robotic Welding Technology
Minimizes welding faults on the body due to tension and human factors are secures against impact
Germany KBA approved 2007/46 / EC Vehicle Type Approval
Covers national and International up-to-date regulatory compliance and 98/91/EC chassis ADR type approval regulation
Homogeneous paint application with advanced technical equipment
Provides surface gloss in varnish quality
) Use of robotic welding technology in OMEGA® monoblock connection saddles
Increases body strength at chassis joints, reduces tension effect, provides unity of body
Coloured, POLYAMID air hoses
Prevents complexity on installation cables, provides serviceability


Width : max. 2.550 mm.
Height : max. 4.000 mm. *
Axle Distance : 1.300 ~ 1.400 mm. *
5th Wheel Height : 1.250 ~ 1.350 mm. *
Dead Weight : 12.000 ~ 16.000 kg. *
Geometrical Volume : 45 - 48 - 51 - 57 - 60 m³ *
Tank Code : P18BN | P21BN *
Design Pressure : 18 bar | 21 bar *
Design Temperature : -20℃ +50℃ | -40℃ +50℃ *
Tank Class : Class 2
Construction Material Serial : Pressure Vessel Steel
Transported Materials : LPG, Propan, Butan *
Certification : ADR, EN 12493, 2010/35/AT (TPED), AD 2000 MERKBLATTER *

* The product type and optional equipment can vary depending on your choice.

Tank Body:
  • Gooseneck-cylindrical section design conforming to EN 12493 design standard,
  • The pressure loaded body parts according to the EN12493 standard,
  • High temperature steels according to EN 10028-2 standard (P ... GH) or at the fine-grained steels according to 10028-3 standard (P..N or P ... N ...), high strength, special "P" series of pressure vessel material,
  • Front and rear 1 each torispherical or ellipsoid dished heads, to inhibit fluid movement in the body and a half full transport (the gross volume of the tank to 20% of 80% of the use) FR to make 12,493 accordance with its design standards, , driving direction is positioned perpendicular to the cross-type baffle,
  • ISO 3834 Welded manufacturing quality qualification approved,
  • Plates, bended according to the bending direction are joined by robotic welding technology in the form of longitudinal rings by circumferential welding to obtained a cylindrical body structure conforms to the EN 12493 design standard,
  • The emergency intervention manhole located in the horizontal axis which will provide full discharge in the tank in case of possible rollover,
  • V-type brackets used at frame joints are welded to the body with pad support to increase the strength of the body and are mounted with a bolt connection to the chassis,
Loading/Discharge Line: Dolum Hattı
  • The loading/ unloading piping according to EN 10216-1 or EN 10217-1 standards or both,
  • Piping fitted to prevent damage due to thermal expansion and shrinkage, mechanical shock and vibration,
  • Closed circuit loading and discharging through ball valves in the armature discharge box,
  • Independent triple (bottom valve - loading/discharge valve - blind flange or cap) closing fitting for bottom loading or discharge distantness,
  • Emergency stop system connected to loading and discharge line,
  • The thermal expansion valves, arranged for evacuation at a pressure not above the design pressure of the tank, positioned in such a way that the liquid cannot be confined to the pressurized vessel and not placed in the lower quadrant of the horizontal piping,,
  • ISO 3834 Welded production quality qualification approved, the patented paddles are welded, loading / discharging line extending from the bottom valves to the loading / discharging valves,
  • GHalf "I" cross section chassis, reinforced with cross-members, body saddles connections mounted with bolts to the chassis, flexible against torsion and bending
  • Chassis construction parts are manufactured in perfect harmony with synergic welding machines by certified welders under the approval of ISO 3834 Welded manufacturing quality qualification,
Chassis Equipment:
King-Pin : Conforms to ECE R 55 regulation, type approved 2 "or 3.5" demountable king pin
Landing Legs : Each is double speed, 25 ton dynamic, 50 ton static load capacity trailer landing legs
Axles : Axle set with 9 or 12 tonnes each, mechanical or air suspension, drum or disc brake
Rims : 14,00 – 11,75 – 9,00 x 22,5
Tires : 425 - 385 /65 R 22,5 (single) or 31/80 R 22,5 (Double)
Brake System : Conforms to ECE R 13 regulation EBS/ABS brake system
Electric System : Conforms to ECE R 105 regulation ADR approved electric system
Bumper : Conforms to ECE R 58 regulation rear bumper
  • Before painting sandblasting quality Sa 2½,
  • At least 2 coats of epoxy primer,
  • "OVEN-DRYING" application on topcoat with 2 coats of acrylic paint,
  • Improved technical equipment ensures homogeneous distribution on each side of the body and surface gloss of varnish paint gloss

OKT TRAILER reserves the right to make changes in the products. Technical information is approximate and is intended for standard product application. The measurements may vary depending on the truck brand and model. The above information is not quoted. If you contact us, you can get more detailed information about the product.