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Carrier Ring of the Food Chain

The OKT Trailer, which wonders every sector of road transport, makes a difference in the agriculture and livestock sector with the new generation vehicles for live animal, milk and feed transport.

According to Turkey's conditions for the transport of live animals, first and only domestic Livestock Transport Vehicle production is developed taking into account the expectations of the livestock sector, while facilitating the boarding and landing of animals, provides comfortable and hygienic journey with safe separators which prevent possible losses during the journey, no restrictions on the natural movements of the animals, latest technology irrigation, air conditioning and lighting.

Sterile and safe milk tanker suitable for human health which prevents the formation of bacteria maintains the sensory properties of the milk by ensuring that the temperature values are kept constant from the filling to the discharge with the insulated structure. Special double spiral system, aluminum Feed Transport Vehicle is developed by considering the needs and requirements of the loading and unloading operations of the agricultural and livestock sector for the transportation of bulk cereals such as corn, barley, wheat- create special solutions which allows for the unadulterated and healthy transport of bulk grains.

According to the product requirements, we have our own know-how license, "ATP" which is the International Convention on the Transport of Deteriorating Foods and the Use of Special Equipment in such transportations, 2006/42 / EC Machinery Safety and CE marking regulations and legislation and production technologies- we offer options that provide great ease and practicality during loading and unloading, from stainless steel and alloyed aluminum materials, thicknesses appropriate design calculations and industry-friendly structure.