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First Step to OKT

In addition to the training, professional knowledge and competencies required by the positions to be recruited by OKT Trailer, personality traits that are able to comply with corporate culture and values are common characteristics. Candidates for the organization are selected from direct applicants, school intern and persons who have the required qualifications for the position desired by OKT Academy course graduates and those who are desired to recruit.

To be able to provide awareness in a dynamic business climate with a sense of belonging and transform the imagination into output are the priority criteria.

The need for human resources is mainly provided through applications posted on or through the corporate web page or by personal application to our company.

According to the position requirements in the employment interview

  • Competency based interviews
  • Personality inventory tests,
  • Verbal and numerical ability tests,
  • Applications are made as; Role playing, case studies and/or group discussions

Job recruitment features:

  • Minimum Education Level:

Depending on the position to be employed, white collar candidates are university graduates, blue collar candidates are preferably including vocational or technical high school graduates and graduation from other education levels according to the job qualification

  • Experience:

It depends on the position to be evaluated. In addition to experienced candidates, offer opportunities for inexperienced candidates. Candidates who are evaluated as high school and university interns can be accepted to the organization after graduation if their performance are satisfied and there is an open position.

  • Social Features:

Candidates who can adapt to corporate culture and employee profile are preferred..