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Traditional Angle

According to the European Pressure Vessels Regulation and the requirement to have CE conformity approval, with our own know-how license and production technology, we are able to produce carbon steel materials with thicknesses suitable for design calculations, V-type cut, geometric structure provides quick and easy discharge, single output, side and rear discharge alternatives, V Type Nontipping Silo Trailer- Semi Trailer; while being produced by continuous high-performance robotics welding technology, safe structure and traditional habits for those who do not want to give up their habits, with the traditional angle, its reputation exceeds the boundaries.

30 ~ 37 m³

Volume Range


Discharge Funnel

-40 ~ +80 °C

Design Temperature

0,5 ~ 3 Bar

Design Pressure

Solid Background

The unchanging line from the past to the present day maintains its value for its users with strong stand, trustworthy certification processes.

Challenging Solutions

The geographical region it serves will facilitate the challenge under severe conditions with its structure specially designed for the changing conditions of the climate and roads.

Classic Style

It defies the years with its unique stance, visual aesthetics and unconventional classical style.

Performance Needs Source

Durable body structure, superior production technology and premium equipment, turn into the long lifetime to income.


Automatic opening guardrail
It provides ease of use, safety and automatically locks the brake system
Interceptable downstream exit funnels
Camlock provides quick and easy intervention against clogging with the connection and provides easy cleaning for the body
Line outlets on the lower exit funnel
Pneumatic controlled, ergonomic, interceptible
Portable compressor mounting platform
Vibration damping, Light, Strength
Safety valve and manometers
Provides safe pressure control
Grouped, defined and systematic drain line installation
Ergonomic, easy accessible, controlled and rapid intervention
Body production in accordance with 97/23 / EC Pressure Vessels Directive
CE and certified, safe, national international current legislation compliance
Seamless high performance robotic welding technology
Minimizes welding faults on the body due to tension and human factors are secures against impact
Homogeneous paint application with advanced technical equipment
Provides surface gloss in varnish quality
Integral construction on body and chassis
Perfect fit between body and chassis under all kinds of road conditions, increase strength, reduce tension by distributing force to the body
Germany KBA approved 2007/46 / EC Vehicle Type Approval
National and International current legislation compliance
Coloured, POLYAMID air hoses
Prevents complexity on installation cables, provides serviceability


Width : max. 2.550 mm.
Height : max. 3.850 mm. *
Axle Distance 1.300 ~ 1.400 mm *
Wheel Height 1.250 ~ 1.350 mm *
Dead Weight : 6.700 ~ 8.000 kg *
Geometrical Volume : 30 – 34 – 37 m³ *
Number Of Compartment : 1
Silo Trailer
Category : 4
Construction Material Serial * : Carbon Steel
Transported Materials : Cement and similar Powder and Granular Materials *
Working Temperature : -400C  +800C
Working Pressure : 2 Bar
Test Pressure : 3 Bar
Certification : ISPESL CE (2014/68/EU Pressure Vessels Regulations)

* The product type and optional equipment can vary depending on your choice.

Silo Trailer Body:
  • V-type multi-output design in accordance with AD 2000 design standard,
  • High strength steel material,
  • ISO 3834 Welded manufacturing quality qualification approved,
  • Utilizing seamless high-performance robotic welding technology, welding faults due to tension and human factors on the body are minimized and secured against impact,
  • DN 400 discharge outlet flange with mounting bolt and preventing friction in the lower metal body, providing vibration inner collapsible lined with fiber woven fabric felts DN 200 referred funnel,
  • The DN 200 delivery funnel at the bottom of the hopper T outlet facilitates quick response to the drainage obstructions in the housing and provides a practical solution for the cleaning of the inside of the housing, the side line outlet with a self-locking flange, removable, pneumatically controlled drain valve control,
  • At chassis junctions, the holistic construction, designed to increase body strength, reduce stress effect, is achieved by synergy welding machines by certified specialist welders with perfect compatibility,
Loading/Discharge Line:
  • Loading Line:
    • Top filling with manhole covers
  • Discharge Line:
    • Of guide funnel, fast, reduces wear, without the risk of clogging may be easily interfered, flanged, bolted, direct, DN 200 according to the driving direction with the lower outlet piping rear or left from the discharge line and the outlet end of the double pernol the camlock associated cover welded joints are reinforced by external reinforcement against wear,
Air Line Installation:
  • Ergonomic, easily accessible, controlled and fast intervention, grouped, defined and systematic,
  • Controlled in-tank air inlet valve, which allows passage of pressurized air from the compressor into the body,
  • Emergency air discharge valve, which discharges pressurized air in the event of possible danger during discharge,
  • The collector discharge valve, which discharges the air in the collector pipe,
  • The controlled, air-vibration valve, which accelerates the flow of material in the body to the discharge funnels,
  • The material accelerating jet nozzles, which accelerate the material flow in the material delivery line,
Compressor and Connection Platform:
  • Optionally, the preferred compressor,
  • The compressor operation of vibration damping occurs during special wedge is integral with the tray plate, compressor safe connection platform,
  • Suitable for body design, welded to steel flat, special design with overturning safety, steel monobloc chassis, chassis construction parts are manufactured with synergy welding machines by certified welders under the approval of ISO 3834 Welded manufacturing quality qualification with perfect conformity
Chassis Equipment:
King-Pin : Conforms to ECE R 55 regulation, type approved 2 "or 3.5" demountable king pin
Landing Legs : Each is double speed, 25 ton dynamic, 50 ton static load capacity trailer landing legs
Axles : Axle set with 9 ~12 tonnes each, mechanical or air suspension, drum or disc brake
Rims : 11,75 – 9,00 x 22,5
Tires : 385/65 R 22,5 (single) OR 315/80 R 22,5 (double)
Brake System : EBS / ABS braking system suitable for ECE R 13 regulation
Electric System: : ADR electrical set suitable for ECE R 105 regulation
Bumper: : Suitable for ECE R 58 regulation
  • At least 2 coats of epoxy primer
  • "OVEN-DRYING" application on topcoat with 2 coats of acrylic paint,
  • Improved technical equipment ensures homogeneous distribution on each side of the body and surface gloss of varnish paint gloss,

OKT TRAILER reserves the right to make changes in the products. Technical information is approximate and is intended for standard product application. The measurements may vary depending on the truck brand and model. The above information is not quoted. If you contact us, you can get more detailed information about the product.