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Since 1981, OKT Trailer has created a future oriented, imaginative, aware, respectful team spirit synergy with strong stakeholders and integrated with its interiorized mission and values of "together, tolerance, curious solutions and progress".

Trains powerful human resource that creates professional added value in the business, contributes to the family and country economy and can work in every level within the organization with opportunities of continuing education, professional progress, mentoring to its employees for gaining qualification based on the producing community with faith in education.

  •  Plans a career in the manufacturing sector,
  •  Provides support and giving trust in corporative structure depending on harmony, solidarity and sharing,
  •  Encourages innovative, creative and flexible ideas,
  •  Shares the ideas openly,
  •  Open to learn, apply and teach the perfection,
  •  Has excitement and curiosity that never ends.

OKT Trailer is the right place for those who want to work in a mark that

The human resources department chooses the team members who will be involved in the company, from those who are curious, questioning, applying, developing and doing all these things as we.