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Beyond Expected Quality

OKT Trailer is dedicated to its excellence understanding and adherence to values. In the field of vehicle and equipment trailers, "Special solutions for the highways are produced in areas such as petroleum and chemical derivatives, construction sector, concrete, aggregate, food and livestock transport".

The general target is to continuously provide customer satisfaction in products and services through world-class leadership, continuous improvement, employee development, brand awareness and social responsibility. Provide a framework for measuring and improving the quality management system, general business performance, to support the company strategy and business plan, facilitate continual improvement and ensuring that customers' requirements and other applicable requirements are met.

OKT Trailer Management and Employees;

  • Analyze the feedback which it is already received to fully meet customer requirements and ensure that they are satisfied with their product and complementary services and endeavors to develop its products and services in this direction.
  • Cooperate closely with customers and suppliers to develop and maintain relationships.
  • It strives to ensure that products and services are delivered on time in a professional manner, ensuring a clear understanding of the needs of all stakeholders.
  • It provides competent training and development support to all its staff to ensure their competence in their field of study through education, training and experience.
  • It keeps up to date that the best materials and equipment are ready for good planning and manufacturing of the products and keeps the technological infrastructure up-to-date.
  • It encourages use of the process approach and use of risk-based thinking, making measurements to establish, document, appropriately source, monitor and verify compliance with the intended outcomes of all processes. (Customer requirements, business objectives and applicable industry regulations and legislation)
  • It focuses on continuous improvement opportunities for company and industry development, plans and implements measurable targets, thereby ensuring continuity and sustainability in quality systems.