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Tough Load 

According to the product requirements of the construction and mining industries for the transport of bulk cargoes, appropriate to 2006/42 / EC Machinery Safety Regulation and CE marking, produced with our own production technologies  and know-how license, from the carbon and abrasion-resistant steel materials, at the suitable thicknesses for design calculations, half-tube cut, considering the wide volume range, geographical region climate and road conditions, filling and discharging, Over Truck Half Tube Damper which provides great convenience and practicality during loading and unloading; with the truck builders' superstructure instructions and truck chassis of different configurations, over comes Tough Loads and challenged the tough conditions.

14 ~ 22 m³

Volume Range

16 – 40 Tone


4 – 8 mm.

Material Thickness

Hydraulic Opening
Self Opening

Back Cover

Book It

Suitable for loading and unloading conditions, long life, safe, high strength with unique body structure provides higher performance for the user.

Modular Volume

Offers modular solutions to truck chassis in different configurations with its wide volume alternative designs.

Difference Is Its Style

It creates a difference in style according to its own position and visual aesthetic.

Performance needs source

Durable body structure, superior production technology and premium equipment, turn into the long lifetime to income.


Increased side wall twist count
High Strength
Special design back cover
Minimum 1,5 m³ carrying capacity
Reinforced joining points with overlay welding method
Long life, Strong body structure
Reinforced auxiliary chassis
Higher performance
Whole base plate
High strength, Long life
Application of homogenous paint with improved technical equipment
Varnish paint quality surface gloss is achieved