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Tanker Solutions suitable for your chemistry

OKT Trailer, produces customized solutions tankers which is not restricted to liquid petroleum derivatives in the category of dangerous substances, is produced with many design type approvals from international competent authorities in accordance with the different tank codes, analyzed according to the new conditions and material safety information document, determining standards in chemical load logistics.

We make high-volume dynamic loads safer under difficult conditions via our own know-how licensing and production technology, special passivation method suitable for the content of the transported chemical, body and filler-discharge equipment we produce from the stainless steel or tank interior covering materials provided for the protection of the inner surface, recreating the quality, hygiene and safety standards of chemical transport tankers.

We offer innovative, creative solutions to the specific needs of our customers. We offer a wide range of tankers on the truck and trailer product range as the basic principle of flexible production understanding, according to ADR and EN 14025 legislation and geographical region to be served and climate and road conditions, in thickness suitable for the design calculation, cylindrical section, large volume range, top and bottom fillable, convenient to carry in single or multi compartment of all UN Code dangerous goods in ADR Classes 3 - 6 – 8.