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Engineering Art

“Curiously approach life as an insatiable manner and be in constant search for continuous learning“Leonardo Da Vinci

While our customer needs and expectations, business development studies, developing industrial trends and technologies become a source of input for our R & D activities, trailers and onboard vehicle equipment solutions, with analytical considerations of engineers, in the process of transformation from idea to line, from the line to the project, from project to the virtual reality, computer-supported virtual analysis, physical testing and validation studies transform the R & D projects to output. These projects are engineering art pieces that reflect our difference and permanent superiority of our curious team.


  • Literature Survey and Benchmarking
  • Specifying Requirements
  • Conceptual and Preliminary Design
  • Defining Performance Criteria
  • Design and Process FMEA
  • Design Calculations
  • 3D Modeling
  • 2D Technical Limning
  • Metallurgy and Method Engineering
  • Simulation and Analysis
    • Static tension and Displacement
    • Torsion
    • o Buckling
    • Fatigue
    • CFD computational fluid dynamics
    • Thermal and Flow Behaviors
    • Modal
    • Vibration (Sinus and Random)
    • Static rollover stability (ECE R 111)
  • Function and Field Tests
  • Life-Cycle Management
    • Performance and Quality Improvement
    • Design Optimization
    • Mass and Cost Reduction
    • Robust Design