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A Curious Inventor

OKT Trailer, which has been in search of continuous innovation and giving priority to research and development activities in every period with its curious structure, enthusiasm for getting better- in this context, as a result of computer-aided product development studies for many years, both from the products it produces, it provides the sustainable export’s 100% turnover, achieved by the added value of the project by providing self-developed, thus has been entitled to receive R & D license which is supported by the State Fund. It is one of the few trailer vehicle equipment companies in the sector in Turkey.

The philosophy of product safety shapes our creative designs that will make transportation fast and easy at every point we reach our customers, while R & D projects are the locomotive of our production activities. Our mission is to achieve high professional standards and prevent possible accidents with our innovative products that provide high operational efficiency, low operating costs, durable, environmentally sensitive, safe and lightweight to ensure transportation of goods and livestock on the roads.

We are aware of the importance of changing conditions, technological developments, being a follower of technological developments, legislations and standards, making innovations and keeping our current R & D strategies constantly up to date in order to make our position on 3 continents now sustainable.

We continue our R & D activities with more than 30 R & D engineers, an unlimited budget that we have set aside and also we feel proud to be the leader in the sector with our laboratory infrastructure, prototyping center in 6000 square meters indoor area, collaboration with universities, test certification and process development projects.

We will continue to be an innovator interested in making its own R & D activities sustainable for community development, with the vision of making a difference in the sector and providing permanent advantages with its designs and ownership of intellectual property rights, its ability to transform the projects that push the limits.