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IT Engineering

Integrated Business Intelligence

Make actual of the half-finished products and products appearing in R & D projects, we individuate the ERP infrastructure with our own resources, which will enable the production, sales and support processes to be applied with the same excellence in product design, and viewpoint of OKT Trailer.

We provide Software R & D activities to provide faster solutions to our customers while streamlining our business through integrated business intelligence applications that manage the virtualization, easy access and traceable ERP system from a single source, with a viewpoint that seeks seamless functioning in all our processes.

In the ERP processes that are created by the system design which can make the data faster, easier, single point and can reduce the probability of error by the user, we will continue to be a curious IT creator that makes talk to each other of the industry 4.0 digital conversion adaptation of the design technologies, machinery, automation, security and communication systems.