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Quick Solution to Fuel Supply to the World's Largest Airport Project

There is a need for a mission vehicle, which is an extremely important link to ensure timely refueling and ensure a issueless and sustainable operation in the heavy construction conditions, intensive environmental effects, rapid workflow, to the world's largest airport project where is built in Turkey . We have understood this need and produced a system solution specific to the operation.

Body and chassis structure of OKT Trailer fuel tankers; Resistance to climate and road conditions, provide always to be ready for operation and thanks to its powered discharge system, it ensures quick, timely and trouble-free operation. In addition to this, a systematic and highly efficient, optimized, fully automated evacuation system for user ergonomics; offers a time and cost advantage to the user with uninterrupted flow according to their counterpart.

İYL ENERGY; which supplies fuel at the construction of the biggest airport in the world, Thanks to the durability of the OKT Tankers and the bi-directional transport and evacuation operation it repeats in the same day with the integrated logistics system, it adds value to its brand while providing superiority over its competitors.