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We produced Solution to the High Capacity ADR Tanker Needs of the Jordan Market

Measure of the capacity which has been amended by the legislation on the total weight of vehicles on the highway in the Kingdom of Jordan, while allowing the vehicles to operate with greater capacity, revealed the need of new transport solutions in high capacity.

OKT Trailer-meets the compulsory engineering needs of these new changes on Jordan roads, adapting infrastructure requirements to production processes, performing tests, certified, and that makes such high-dynamic load securely portable under difficult conditions; realized tanker semi-trailer with 54 thousand liters capacity on 4 axles manufacturing which has Turkey's ADR certificate with the highest capacity in its class where is used in dangerous goods transport.

This project has set out solutions for users who are moving to the current legislation in the country, transport and gain higher capacity, fully responsive to working conditions and operation requirements, overcoming expectations with quality standards and visual aesthetics, and pioneering safe transport of dangerous goods on the road with ADR certification.