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Turkey's first and only Live Animal Transportation Vehicle, added value to the “BORAN HAYVANCILIK”

OKT Trailer met the need for domestic production of Live Animal Carrying Vehicle, which was provided by the relevant ministries and organizations, since it was not produced in our country beforehand, by making second hand importation, with the entry into force of the "Regulation on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals during Their Transportation" in Turkey highways.

According to the conditions in Turkey, developed by considering the expectations of Livestock Sector, facilitating from step in up to step out of the animals, non-slip floor feature and prevent the animals from the damages with the partitions, to meet the animal’s natural needs as ventilation and irrigation system, multiplex transportation possibility, according to weight and type, enabling transportation of 40-90 pieces cattle, 280-300 pieces small cattle, the first and only domestic animal transport vehicle is added value to the “BORAN HAYVANCILIK”.

Our new standardized Live Animal Carrier; it provides time and cost savings by carrying out the loading, transporting and unloading operations done in many times by traditional methods, with high carrying capacity. In long-distance transport, prevent road-wastage, animal injuries and wastes, while providing great economic benefits, beyond all these gains, we have a positive impact on public health by reducing animal stress by protecting the well-being and health of animals.