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Developed Milk Tanker for AVCI TARIM Added new dimension to the Turkish Market

As OKT Trailer, we have understood the desire to renew milk transport tankers that will make them more up-to-date in terms of legislation, meet innovative needs and expectations from an operational standpoint, economically avoid time losses, provide more transportation opportunities and make a difference with visibility of the car park of AVCI TARIM who has been doing milk carrier since long time.

Milk Tankers new generation OKT technology developed for the first time in Turkey, rather than independently of each other on the chassis bodies, were produced as an integral body. In the Milk Tanker, the user ergonomics were foregrounded, aesthetic appearance was gained, and the transfer temperature was maintained from the time of filling up to discharge.

Proper to the "Perishable Food Regulation" for milk transport tankers with our different capacities truck and semi-trailer product family in quality, hygiene and safety standards in Turkey in re-creating liquid food transport to European standards, we gained perspective with the body and filling-discharging equipment we produce from stainless steel material which protects the inner surface and contacted with the special passivation method suitable for the content of the milk.