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‘’Mobile Tır’’ Is Original Solution for the Health, Security, Environmental Safety Trainings of Erikli & Nestle Water Türkiye

"Erikli and Nestle Water started a slogan as “If you are in safe, we are in safe”. Erikli and Nestle started this slogan because of perform their training in “Turkey Labor Safety” project and we understood well of the basic requirement is to be equipped with advanced technology introductory Trailer Truck’s demand and we produced a solution specific to the project.

Trailer Truck which is designed to simulate safe driving, logistics and service work equipment, and also designed to be used as a training center for transporting work safety equipment; ergonomics in the area of landing - boarding and internal movement with engineering solutions have been increased and width of the walls and floors have been opened in one direction thanks to the remote controllable hydraulic mechanism. In addition to these, while an infrastructure suitable for technological equipment is being developed, provided closed training center comfort with isolated facade, equipped with safety precautions and made multifunctional and designed in accordance with the needs and requirements of the Trailer Truck.

In this project which is considered as social responsibility; we thought both the users and training participants with our sensitivity and awareness of business security. We provide their training in a safe, ergonomic and comfortable environment. Also we conduced to establishment of awareness of SEÇ-G consciousness, prevention the work accidents, loss of life and property and taking part in such a project has been a distinct pride for us.