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Fuel Supply Solutions of the Marinas worthily to the atmosphere and harmony

Marinas in the tourism sector; has a privileged place among the sectors served by fuel transport and do the honors for luxury yachts and boats. We understand well that Asmira Logistics, who supplies luxury yachts and boat fuel to the marinas of the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, is looking for a new generation, ergonomic and environmentally sensitive solution to improve its operations.

The design of the OKT Fuel Tankers, with the appropriate aesthetic of the luxurious yachts and boats in the marinas, and the highly efficient, fully automated evacuation system provide quiet operation at the level that does not disturb the atmosphere of the marinas, has been a solution to our customers' search for new generation and ergonomic operational improvement.

At the same time, practical, fast and safe Bioversal Pressure Portable Spray Tanks, which provide safety against potential fuel spill risk, have become an environmentally responsive complementary solution. Asmira Logistics, with its unique solutions developed for its operations, with its visual aesthetics high OKT Fuel Tankers and hassle free operation system, has become a prestigious supplier sought in the eyes of its customers for the marina fuel supply operations. Also thanks to its Bioversel Pressure Portable Spraying Tank, adds value to its brand while providing superiority compared to its competitors with its environmentalist identity.