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”Anti Rollover’’ Training Tanker for Drivers Carrying Dangerous Goods

in order to ensure preventive measures against potential risk of accidents and to avoid possible traffic loading and unloading operations during the course of the Secure tankers for the carriage of dangerous goods that we produce in the Road, we have produced the Training Tanker by understanding the idea of the project in cooperation with Adex Academy with our suppliers, which we regard as the "safe tanker, educated driver, safe traffic" concept as OKT Trailer within social responsibility and sponsorship support.

Designed as the training tanker for the first time from the projecting stage to the final assembly stage, established trust with technical equipment, and have similar characteristics to a real fuel tanker, appropriate to calculate the R 111 static rollover stability, 38 thousand liter capacity, 5 compartments, aluminum, conical section in the training tank; Under SRC5 safe and advanced driving skills training, there is a controlled overturning simulation at speeds as low as 20 km / h, showing potential rollover, accident risks and risks during filling-discharge of the vehicle while driving.

We contribute to gain great experience in order to allow for the safe transportation during the trainings and prevention of loss of life and property in traffic with real experience foreseeing possible accident risks and awareness of drivers which take upon the roads of dangerous goods.