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THE FIRST AND UNIQUE “FOAM TENDER FOR AIRFIELD” In corporation with Volkan Fire Department

For use in the service of the State Airports, previously procured from producers outside Turkey, taking place in preparatory operations before possible emergency landing of aircraft, the new demand of the institution regarding the Foaming Vehicle for the airfield which also prevents the possible fire that could be caused by the friction at the time of landing and also performs the function of cooling and extinguishing. We understand well under favor of a good cooperation with the Volkan Fire Department and Turkey have also produced original solution to this project which will be produce for the first time. 

We have produced Foaming Airfield Vehicle with cooperation for use in airports, designed with special alloy stainless steel material that prevents chemical reaction and corrosion effect, design with high volume water and partial foam tank capacity, heavy tonnage suitable driving configuration, special design chassis, specially integrated foam system and equipment by Volkan Fire Department, the characteristics of the imported counterparts outside Turkey, is the greatest assistant of the field intervention team. 

It is a special pride for us to take part in such a project that we are partners in the production of the Airfield Foaming Vehicle, which prepares the ground for the right landing safety while eliminating possible risks in the emergency landing situations of the aircraft and is a pioneer in the possible fire hazards, and more importantly in ensuring passenger safety.